Just say no…to the white canvas.

art, collage, recycled products, recycled wood

I recently demolished a VERY old Jarrah chest-of-drawers; it was over a 100 years old. Wait, before you start, It was very broken & rickety…don’t worry, I’m not a complete heathen!
But I didn’t throw out a single scrap or even a splinter. There’s some quite large boards, all beautifully stained & distressed from a century of use.
Such a perfect blank canvas for me.
Soooo, what to do, what to do?!
Well, I guess I’ll just start, here goes…


art, collage, installation, recycled products, recycled wood, sculpture

Mixed Media; Collage on wooden palette

Artists are elusive creatures. Her chaotic, crazy, impulsive brain is the birth place of many weird & wonderful ideas; the wholeprocess is a little bit magical really.

No one can quantify the creative brain. It remains a mystery to the other 98% inhabiting this planet, alongside those that create.

How would an artist go about explaining their process verbally? Are there words that adequately describe the electric tang of creation? How would one visually represent, symbolically represent the artist?Their process? The ‘Genesis’ of creation?

Found Objects, Mixed Media;

art, collage, installation, recycled products, sculpture

GENESIS’ work-in-progress (2018)

MIXED MEDIA: found-object sculptural installation.

Once the composition is finished, I’ll ensure everything is painted one of the many shades of pitch-black, effectively tying all the different aspects together.

Then I’ll buff, burnish and accent till my heart’s content (*hint: it’s never content…)
And using rhinestones to finish it off; adding a little twinkley-sparkle, and then, because I, well, always… will add just a touch more. Because I can’t help myself. And yes, I’m aware of what I am…

Your rubbish…my treasure;

DIY, recycled products


Roadside rubbish for the win!!! Found a frame for a cute little table (minus the tabletop…), on the side of the road.


So, being an artist, I got all arty and came up with this little idea; books all jigsawsed and butted up together; to create the flat table-top I measured the height (thickness) of the  fattest book (6.4cm), whilst lying on its’ side…this will be the height of all the books, creating the flat surface required for a functional table…I then measured the height of all the other books; whether they’re laying flat, or standing on their side.


If the measurement was over 6.4 I subtracted 6.4 from the highest number; if the number was lower, I subtracted the measurement from 6.4. The corresponding answers were the directions for attaining the flat surface. Subtracting from a higher number = cutting the amount from the bottom of the book. Subtracting from a lower number = elevating the book, by the number attained, to the 6.4cm height. Some of the books required a substantial chunk removed, leaving a large enough piece, that it could be used as a subverted book piece.
Lovely. Nothing like being able to use all the parts, of the already recycled resource.


Once the enormous amount of trial and error, Nope…okay, I’ll be honest, the complete fuck-ups, cock-ups and bloody insurmountable amount of blunders…were conquered, or at least hidden well; I now have to seal everything, twice, or the porous books will absorb the resin. This will not only stain and warp the books, but it will require a lot more resin to complete the project! I will seal it with MODGE PODGE…wish me luck! I’ll post the finished piece.