I can’t believe that worked! 🤩

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I can’t believe this worked! I used an old roll of Aliminium Foil hidden at the back of the kitchen cupboard to make this DIY book cover!

So easy: I layered the foil, embossed it, painted it, applied accents and other fancy stuff. Perfect and oh, so cheap DIY!

Painting the Acrylic colour base directly onto the Aliminium Foil embossed surface;
Rubbing on metallic accent colour; use multiple shades of Gold (ranging from Champagne Gold, Aztec Gold to Old Gold) to add depth;
This moulded dragonfly is created with Hot Glue in a silicon mould; sprayed Black and accented with Golds as well.

I am still in disbelief this worked!!!

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Little Ol’ Me

altered art, art, artist, collage, mixed media, sculpture, upcycle

Knowing thyself…hmmm, if asked, how would you, truthfully (please remove your rose-tinted glasses 😎), describe yourself?

A description that would allow ‘others’ to know you; to really understand, what it means to be you?

No? I couldn’t either…because such knowledge is frustratingly elusive. This intrinsic awareness of oneself, exists just beyond our grasp.

And yet, knowing this, I embarked upon this maddening perusal, of trying to ‘know’ myself; scrutinising the darkest corners of my ID. All research, for my next artwork; the oh, so dreaded, self-portrait.

Just keep chugging…

altered art, art, artist, collage, DIY, installation, mixed media, mould making, recycled products, recycled wood, sculpture, upcycle

I have dropped this artwork, three bloody, motherf**king time. SERIOUSLY! It was smashed and broken beyond repair (well, almost). But, I was the little train that could; and I just kept going. Bot proud of my self for persevering, because it was a close one, let me tell you! 😑

Surround yourself with beautiful things.

altered art, art, artist, DIY, mixed media, recycled products, studio, upcycle

There are particular products, mediums & tools that are an absolute necessity in the artist’s dance with creativity. They aren’t sexy, inspiring or even vaguely attractive (like that guy standing in the shadowed corner after you’ve consumed a full night’s worth of firewater).
I digress.. sooo, unsexy, BUT necessary art supplies; and I have to suffer their uninspiring presence every. damn. day.

Annnd so, I beautified them…because I couldn’t/can’t help myself!

I realise that there’s something wrong with me. It’s a compulsion, nay, an obsession; as I truly can’t help myself…mind you, as a pursuant of creativity, that’s not necessarily an erroneous pursuit.
[…] because there’s somrthing kind-of awesome about living & breathing the chaos and obsession of the everyday artist.