art, collage, installation, recycled products, recycled wood, sculpture

Mixed Media; Collage on wooden palette

Artists are elusive creatures. Her chaotic, crazy, impulsive brain is the birth place of many weird & wonderful ideas; the wholeprocess is a little bit magical really.

No one can quantify the creative brain. It remains a mystery to the other 98% inhabiting this planet, alongside those that create.

How would an artist go about explaining their process verbally? Are there words that adequately describe the electric tang of creation? How would one visually represent, symbolically represent the artist?Their process? The ‘Genesis’ of creation?

Unexpected Results; my favourite…



On impulse, I embarked on an endeavor of pure experimentation; using fragments of vintage, lace curtains & doilies plus my homemade fabric stiffener, I created a 3D mould of a mannequin head. The unexpected? Well, I didn’t coat the mannequin in any kind of lubrication or releasing agent; so, when I removed the lace/doilies…the paint coating get the mannequin, came too! But, it looks great through the gaps in the lace, almost like a layer of skin. Perfect.