I create because I have no choice. I create to find out the truth about myself… and then to lie. I need my creative process; for it holds my sanity and saturates… well, everything else. Always.



Obsessed, I follow the long forgotten trail of traditional crafts, while debasing contemporary art techniques; always subverting the intended processes. The ensuing chaos always gives way to exquisite mistakes. For, just when everything seems wayward, a slither of, just a glimmer reveals itself. Every artwork is an experiment and each new piece is born in a private birth of liquid relief; born of a reflexive and animalistic… thing.

I am constantly experimenting through odd pairings of archaic and obsolete crafts, whilst also manufacturing techniques of my own. No medium is sacred and the variation of them in my work is staggering.

My style is a liquid, sinuous thing, an indefinable practice. However, of one thing I’m sure – I am fascinated with beauty in all its forms: the perceptions of, the constructed realities, aesthetic values, the extremes and all its associated obsessions.

Consequently, my work is a tantalising mix of glorious femininity and a resplendent, ornamental extravagance; each piece is an enticing delectability. For I blur the line between art and aesthetic decoration; making my pieces glitter mockingly and always they perch precariously between opulent delight and gaudy flamboyance.

Grae Hastings, Artist

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