Surround yourself with beautiful things.

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There are particular products, mediums & tools that are an absolute necessity in the artist’s dance with creativity. They aren’t sexy, inspiring or even vaguely attractive (like that guy standing in the shadowed corner after you’ve consumed a full night’s worth of firewater).
I digress.. sooo, unsexy, BUT necessary art supplies; and I have to suffer their uninspiring presence every. damn. day.

Annnd so, I beautified them…because I couldn’t/can’t help myself!

I realise that there’s something wrong with me. It’s a compulsion, nay, an obsession; as I truly can’t help myself…mind you, as a pursuant of creativity, that’s not necessarily an erroneous pursuit.
[…] because there’s somrthing kind-of awesome about living & breathing the chaos and obsession of the everyday artist.

My New Art Studio…I can practically smell the turps now…


When I became pregnant, all dalliances with chemicals of any kind, came to an abrupt end. We needed to get all my weird and wonderful art stuff (read: tools, knives, paints, solvents, varying chemicals…basically everything fun & exciting in the world of art!) out of the house.
So, we began to build me a studio…I was ecstatic; a baby & an art studio? *fist pump* As my dreams started to grow in our backyard (and, in my belly!), I stood before a very daunting task, one all artists resist. The culling of the ‘maybe-i’ll-use-it-in-an-artwork-someday’ boxes of junk you have piled in a heaving, teetering pile of death…and, so it began.

It was worth it. I promise. Once you get started, you become ruthless!  However, you also find things you never even knew you had. Bonus!

…but, emerging on the other side? Is a heart stopping, breath-hitching manifestation, of a level of organisation, never before achieved…oh, my young grasshoppers, I have reached the level of unattainable enlightenment!