Just say no…to the white canvas.

art, collage, recycled products, recycled wood

I recently demolished a VERY old Jarrah chest-of-drawers; it was over a 100 years old. Wait, before you start, It was very broken & rickety…don’t worry, I’m not a complete heathen!
But I didn’t throw out a single scrap or even a splinter. There’s some quite large boards, all beautifully stained & distressed from a century of use.
Such a perfect blank canvas for me.
Soooo, what to do, what to do?!
Well, I guess I’ll just start, here goes…

When it rains…


I really struggled to draw the individual rain drops: a) my hands have the steadiness of a 93 year old man, b)I just couldn’t get my drawing implement sharp enough, c) and then d) and then, and then and oh yeah, that too…
So, after many a frustrated battle, I had an epiphany,  I would fake the rain; so I cheated and melted wax into rivulets to emulate painted raindrops (very postmodern, layer, upon layer, upon layer!)