Petal Perdition 

art, collage, colored pencil, coloured pencil, drawing, recycled products, recycled wood, sculpture

(unfinished piece, 2017)

MIXED MEDIA: coloured pencil, gouache, ink, clay, gesso, polymer clay, leaf pressings, feathers, wood laminex, applique, false eyelashes, snail shells & jewels on distressed, recycled wood.

I spent a long time simply making all the different elements and types of leaves and so, when it came to constructing the 3D elements of this piece, I kept hesitating. What if I couldn’t get it to work? It was a question I didn’t really want answered…
But I finally braced myself and…voila. It’s working so far; now for the faces and filling the little gaps within the petal mass. Wish me luck… 

Belly for days…

art, colored pencil, coloured pencil, sculpture

This was the most uncomfortable experience of the year…and I was pregnant for most of it, so, that’s saying something!!!

I neatened the edges up with some old kitchen scissors and sealed it with some old white gesso, that I had lying around.

The plan is a bit simplified, as I just needed a composition reference; so, there’s no.way that I’ll spend hours rendering all the botanical detail,  just for the mock-up!

With the final piece, I will colour block in acrylics, give it a quick sand down and then add depth,  and detail with coloured pencils (with a few accents in solvent-based gold paint). Well…that’s the plan, but, who sticks to those?