My New Art Studio…I can practically smell the turps now…


When I became pregnant, all dalliances with chemicals of any kind, came to an abrupt end. We needed to get all my weird and wonderful art stuff (read: tools, knives, paints, solvents, varying chemicals…basically everything fun & exciting in the world of art!) out of the house.
So, we began to build me a studio…I was ecstatic; a baby & an art studio? *fist pump* As my dreams started to grow in our backyard (and, in my belly!), I stood before a very daunting task, one all artists resist. The culling of the ‘maybe-i’ll-use-it-in-an-artwork-someday’ boxes of junk you have piled in a heaving, teetering pile of death…and, so it began.

It was worth it. I promise. Once you get started, you become ruthless!  However, you also find things you never even knew you had. Bonus!

…but, emerging on the other side? Is a heart stopping, breath-hitching manifestation, of a level of organisation, never before achieved…oh, my young grasshoppers, I have reached the level of unattainable enlightenment!




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