Found Objects, Mixed Media;

art, collage, installation, recycled products, sculpture

GENESIS’ work-in-progress (2018)

MIXED MEDIA: found-object sculptural installation.

Once the composition is finished, I’ll ensure everything is painted one of the many shades of pitch-black, effectively tying all the different aspects together.

Then I’ll buff, burnish and accent till my heart’s content (*hint: it’s never content…)
And using rhinestones to finish it off; adding a little twinkley-sparkle, and then, because I, well, always… will add just a touch more. Because I can’t help myself. And yes, I’m aware of what I am…

Art-ING vs mum-ING…

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Having a toddler & a baby seriously diminishes any hope in hell of getting my art-pants on…so, in the face of the baby’s dreaded separation anxiety, I’ve been getting my art on in the company of the midnight moon. 

(How can I not love this face though???)

These pieces have a long way to go…but, at least I’ve finally, finally, finally started! 

Seriously ๐Ÿ˜‘

Uncomfortable? Good…

art, DIY, installation, recycled products

Recently, I was asked if I could make an over-sized clock, but in the guise of my art.
Right. How do I…what?! I don’t even…ahhhhh…Bloody.Hell.

Okaaaay….it took me two full days, of continuous ‘what.the.actual.fuck’s’ to wrap my art – brain around this new challenge; but when I did…it felt pretty awesome.




I am currently creating something that would never have even entered my realm of ideas and possibilities…and yet, here I am! Even though I have a long way to go…it’s coming along, in a timely fashion…*see what I did there?* ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lame, I know.

So, here I sit, working, the little train that could…choo, fucking choo!




***how the bloody hell do I install this…argh!!!***