A glimpse of the Artist come Mum psyche…


My world tilted on its’ axis, careening wildly out of control… I went from indulging my every whim & my obsessions…thoroughly revelling in my chaotic existence to, well…complete cessation of all creative thought & artistic pursuits; it was an abrupt & rude awakening, distressing, to say the least!

I found the whole situation rather disquieting, I went from a singular focus, often painting for more than 20 hours at a time to nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada…and yet, I wasn’t quite as devestated as I envisioned myself to be. Imagine this…

Mine Coloured Pencil on Paper

Coloured Pencil on Paper

…perceived, rude intrusion, into your carefully balanced, albeit a little chaotic, world; however, simultaneously, your whole world no longer centres upon your wants, nay, needs (especially since, your creative endeavours are, in fact, the hinge upon which your sanity swings…) and, well, you’re just fine with that, in fact, you’re soul-wrenchingly, obliteratingly giddy with joy & you’re saturated with one of the deepest loves you’ll ever have the fortune to experience.

…and, here I am, eight months later, happily delving into my artistic darkness…and what comes swanning out of the shadows? Why, a drawing of him. Of course. I guess, I have a little way to go; to reclaim my mojo.

If you want to see my pre-pregnancy blogging work, visit my old site here.