Right-brain drawing;

art, drawing

So I’ve been studying how you can manipulate your right-brain processes, thru vigorous training. Focusing on your right-brain helps to develop your fundamental skills: line, space, perspective, proportion, light, shadows & values, and of course the Gestalt.

You have to paint what you SEE, not what you think (read: deluded…) know!
It is desperately horrid. You have to keep your gaze on your subject matter for as long as humanely possible; with barely a glance given to the paper with your actual drawing upon it!
It’s quite a difficult feat; it’s,  dare I say,  even a touch painful…


It’s quite a weird experience; as an artist I tend to beautify my subject matter; however, when you’re drawing with your right-brain, it isn’t stemming from the traditionally creative part of the grey matter…and so, you draw, and hone the technical elements of your artistic

…and that’s way I am, now, the proud owner of a wonderfully hideous self-portrait. Yay me!

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