Just finish already…

art, collage, encaustic wax, painting


I’ve finally finished the piece ‘Automated Prospects’, and well…
I wonder if an artist, any artist,  would (could?!) complete any of their artworks…if they didn’t have a patron, or a deadline, or a show?! Now, I’m not talking about finishing the drawing, it’s all the unrecognised minuatae of a piece: tidying up all the edges, ensuring all the lines are crisp/sharp/unsmudged-by-a-wayward-elbow, cleaning up any fingerprints or smudges…and then the tedium really begins, oh lordy! The sealing, varnishing, buffing, framing, wiring for hanging etc. etc. etc. etc. however, all 100% necessary and therefore I can drag my feet up the hill.

It’s finally finished; the final dying embers of creativity, the last moments of birth…technical, chores,  methodical, banal details, the little details, polishing up…tidying up edges, etc…I try to convince myself that no one will notice, so I needn’t spend those agonising  hours finishing my work, to a level only reached by the chronically OCD…and so I don’t succumb to the muse, I walk away…for all of 5 mins. And yet I believe my lies…every time.  




One thought on “Just finish already…

  1. The eternal question of when is piece of art finished. I create only for myself so for me a piece is finished when I don’t want to do any more. Sometimes carrying on will make the piece better, sometimes worse, but always different. Maybe any piece is never finished – it could change and adapt forever. So it’s just a question of when YOU want to stop.
    If I was creating for a commission I don’t know how I’d judge when to stop.
    Been following your creation for a while and I love the “finished” result 🙂

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