colored pencil


Blending is the process of layering colors and merging the layers of color together with layering techniques and/or combination of blending tools. As a result you get richer images.



Layering colors gradually, building the layers of colors up using light to medium pressure can give your works an illusion of depth, deepen colors, modify colors, can give the work an impression of light or luminosity.



Burnishing with color pencil can create a beautiful rich glazed look. Burnishing is layering multiple colors and then applying heavy pressure with a light color pencil or with a tool. The wax melds together and causes the drawing surface to become slick, filling up the entire tooth of the paper’s surface.

Burnishing works best with a light colored pencil, such as cream, white, light grey or cloud blue, apply heavy pressure over layered colored area to be burnished.

Use the metal scoop part of a ceramic clean up tool, a spoon, or any other smooth metal device and apply heavy pressure in circular like motions to the colored layers to be burnished



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