Belly for days…

art, colored pencil, coloured pencil, sculpture

This was the most uncomfortable experience of the year…and I was pregnant for most of it, so, that’s saying something!!!

I neatened the edges up with some old kitchen scissors and sealed it with some old white gesso, that I had lying around.

The plan is a bit simplified, as I just needed a composition reference; so, there’s no.way that I’ll spend hours rendering all the botanical detail,  just for the mock-up!

With the final piece, I will colour block in acrylics, give it a quick sand down and then add depth,  and detail with coloured pencils (with a few accents in solvent-based gold paint). Well…that’s the plan, but, who sticks to those?

Ooph! Because, all of the burnishing…

art, colored pencil, drawing, recycled wood


The burnishing process with coloured pencils…can be, well, tedious and hard on the old hands. Like any artist worth their salt, I have art-calluses on my hands and fingers; and burnishing ALWAYS contributes to said calluses.


But the final effect is worth any subsequent pain; the depth of colour and the seamless movement between highlights and shadows isn’t comparable; and so…I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can.